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Poster: Tyler Date: Jan 22, 2012 11:29pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player 'opt in' is live!

Comments regarding Live Music Archive version of the 'latest' player (as of 1/22/2012 night - sunday).

1. There still seems to be a time-duration disparity. The times for the tracks that loads in the player is consistently a few seconds shorter than the actual track length. What happens is that the song will load and begin to play. the 'true' length of the track (ex 4:02 for track 7) will display in the play-bar, but in the tracklist the 'wrong' time will still display. This is pretty consistent for all shows. Just a nature of how the code pulls the player in? I thought one of the 'mid-versions' of this new player fixed this time disparity?

2. Interesting to get rid of the 'share' button and replace it with The Parthenon symbol / button. Not sure if I agree with this. People might just see The Parthenon icon as part of the player / dead space and not know to click on it to get facebook links...

3. I like how the pop-up has the large square Parthenon logo with the text "Full Version at Internet Archive". Clicking it of course goes to the shows permalink details page. Not 100% sure I agree with the word use. Maybe "Click to go to Show Detail Page" .. Who knows, "Full Version at Internet Archive" is pretty concise and gets to the point and name-drops the IA appropriately :)

4. The red-X 'close' button is well placed. better than it was before over the embed text

5. how come the two 'copy' white buttons at the extreme side of the URL boxes was removed? I like those 'one-click' copy buttons. it helps out those of us who are too dumb to know to highlight all / right click and pick 'copy'. especially for long embed codes / file names. I think the 'copy' buttons should come back.

6. The 'Post to Facebook' and 'Post to Twitter' links work great. They auto-fill / set up the show to be posted to fb/twitter very well!

7. At the bottom, you seem to have extra space and it just says "Click for Embedding Tips and Help". I personally think it should say 'Click Here for Embedding Tips and Help' (the 'here' being the key part, since the user can think 'click where? the fb icon? ..' .. I just figured since you have room, make the 'here' more direct so the users click there to get to the help page:

8. On the above help page , the header looks to be a different style then the rest of IA (small Parthenon icon, blue text, instead of the usual larger Parthenon and white text. intentional as a hidden help page?)

9. "This allows you to setup a audio player that serves an item from on another site like a wordrpess, blog, or website. "

minor cleanup to:

"This allows you to setup an audio player that serves an item from on another site like a wordpress, a blog, or website."

10. At the bottom in "Embed a single specific audio file for item with 2+ audio files:"

the embed text seems to always pull the show jj2008-06-14.mk4, where-as all the other embed examples auto-populate in with the show ID of the show the user was listening to / clicked on the embedded link from. (in this example ymbfbb2011-08-22.a). Intentional? Seems that this bottom embed example would have the same show ID as the rest of them.

11. All the embed 'Show me!' links have at the bottom "return to help" which goes here: instead of the show-specific / URL show ID (ex: ) is it possible to go back to a show-specific help page since the identifier you are at is somehow pulled in obviously, it is in the URL...

12. the 'and we figure out what additional formats we were able to transcode/"derive" from and then figure out what the audio player can handle). ' ... the 'derive' word is linked to here:

are those the true current audio derivatives created with a .wav file seed ? I thought 64kbps mp3s were not generated anymore. that chart could probably be freshened up.

Also I see no mention of .m3u files or .zip files being generated ... add to table?

13. Farther up in the help page it says: "You can see our new permalink-style embed codes with our new audio player. Hover over the audio area, and when the "bar" appears, look for the (greek columns) Internet Archive logo icon , click it, and then find the "Embed code" line, and copy the code there."

This may need to be updated. You no longer need to 'hover' over the audio area. and what 'bar' is appearing? The greek columns are 100% of the time in the upper right of the player. re-word ?

14. That's all for now! Great work tracey! Just some observations / QA/QC.


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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Jan 25, 2012 10:57am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player 'opt in' is live!

Thanks again Tyler for another spin!

(1) yah, we identify the duration for each A/V file, for what gets used in the track listing and at the start of playback. but that is sometimes off by a bit. no real resolution there, but the player *should* correct it to the right time once it starts loading/playing.

(2) a brewster request -- for more "branding". and unfortunately, we can only easily insert 1 extra button into the "controlbar" area, reliably, so we went the the [|||] logo instead of [>] share

(3) kinda taking cues from brewster chat on that one, re; the text choice...

(4) yay!

(5) it's just that they don't quite "fit" for audio in flash mode. we could make the player wider to accomodate, but we might get some folks not liking more horizontal space to the player? maybe we can revisit this idea once the "old player" is gone (and the world is easier to change)?

(6) yay!

(7) that's a good idea, but would take some time to pull off as I had to render these pngs myself and then recompile the flash portion of the player to include the pngs...

(8) yah, that's an example of our "slimmer / unified" header and colors. it's slowing rolling out in a few pages (eg: ) and hopefully one of these days it or something similar become more of the default for our pages.

(9) fixed, thx!

(10) yes, it's intentional because not all items will have 2+ A/V files in them and I wanted a "stable example" of an item for each of audio/video to show it in a sensible way. I but a big note for it now to explain there's a different ID 'in play' for that (and now only that) example embed.

(11) great idea -- dunno why it didn't occur to me to do that!! fixed, thx!

(12) yes, you are right about 64kbps -- they have this (not obvious) asterisk where it's noted at the top:
(*) Some derivatives only apply to certain collections.
As far as .m3u or .zip files -- those are 100% generated on-the-fly now, on demand -- so we don't mention them in the derivative table since we don't technically make them (and thus don't put them into the item directory)

(13) good call -- you have to hover for video, but not audio. I've updated each page respectively, thx!

(14) you continue to be one of our amazing assets here at the Archive! Happy NY!


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Poster: Vlax Date: Apr 24, 2012 7:23am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player + "specific audio file"

I'm trying to use the feature to include a specific audio file; as the audio help page says:

[iframe src="" width="500" height="30" frameborder="0"]

using this (obviously with the correct < >) it shows correctly the player for a single file; but it's not working for my item (, player it's not showing anything:

[iframe src="" width="500" height="30" frameborder="0"]

even if you try to use another file from the same example item (, player it's not showing anything:

[iframe src="" width="500" height="30" frameborder="0"]


My browser test results:
Do we think: you have loaded jwplayer? ... yes

...jwplayer parsed properly? yes have flash? false

...alternate hasFlash() check? no

This appears to be your agent string: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11.0 Iceweasel/11.0

extracted filename: /download/camels/camels.mp4

flashCanPlay() result: true

best we can tell, you see a [Play] style button above. If *NOT*, please contact with subject like "from forums: tell tracey cant see play style button in test"

Trying embed of: flash (only), default skin, mp4 only, minimal, autoplay: